Item Profile:   Wilhelmina Brose Floral Painting 1952

nic: Wilhelmina Brose Floral Painting 1952

price: $160

location: Phoenix - 35

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Wilhelmina Brose Floral Painting 1952

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Product profile
Category:   wall art
Brief Summary:

Small Unframed (Sleeved) Gouache / Watercolor Floral Painting on Paper

Arizona Artist: Wilhelmina Brose

Dated 1952


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For purchases: call Antiques on Central (602) 264 4525

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Modern Art

Manufacturer:              Price:  $160

item designer/artist
*Wilhelmina Brose

brief description
*Wilhelmina Brose Floral Painting 1952

*Gouache / Watercolor on Paper


*Very Good


*5" x 6.5"

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